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  Let's face it: Auto insurance can be complicated. Most states require you to have at least some coverage Most states require you to have at least some coverage (typically a certain amount of liability), but then there’s a whole slew of other coverages to consider, too – bodily injury, comprehensive, collision, roadside assistance. READ MORE >>

Living in a busy world, our lives constantly intersect with the people around us, and some interactions can have surprising consequences. It is increasingly important to make careful insurance choices to protect yourself from the unexpected. READ MORE >>

Give Your Budget a Break This Holiday Season If you’re like many people in Florida,  you breathe a sigh of relief once the holidays are over.   Until you get your credit card statement, that is.   From buying gifts to traveling to entertaining, holiday expenses add up quickly — it’s easy to overspend without even realizing it. READ MORE >>

  Keeping your home secure   Everyone wants to keep their home safe from burglars or intruders, but not everyone wants to have an alarm system installed. There are plenty of people who prefer the do-it-yourself route, whether it’s home improvement or home security.   READ MORE >>

For most of us the task of making a budget and sticking to it each month is a challenge However as tight as  budgets can be, families just like yours understand the importance of having the right life insurance in place. A helpful starting place is determining how much life insurance you need. READ MORE >>

Roiss Premier Insurance is locally owned and operated by Abraham (AJ) Roiss, licensed insurance agent. AJ  has lived and worked in the Longwood/Lake Mary area for almost 20 years.  AJ decided to become an insurance broker after his step father was diagnosed with and died from ALS. READ MORE >>

Here in Florida we have seen how quickly a storm can turn into a hurricane. These activities are simple and easy to do one per day so by the end of the 20 days. you and your family will be better prepared for anything (almost anything) Create a home inventory Back up your documents READ MORE >>

“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith.”   Steve Jobs At Roiss Premier Insurance, our motto is “Protecting Your world from the Unexpected”, because when you purchase insurance, you’re buying a promise, the promise that ... READ MORE >>

One of the major expenses that homeowners have each year is their home insurance premiums. Many homeowners especially in economic slowdowns start to contemplate whether or not carrying an insurance policy on their home is really necessary. They begin to think that the money being spent on the policy could be better spent elsewhere. READ MORE >>

March 19th is a special day to me, because it is the birthday of two of my favorite people. My Grandmother Ilona Jackson, and my inspiration Steve Gleason.  Before we lost her in 2011, Grandma Jackson was the proud and loving matriarch of the Jacksons, and as crazy as we all are she loved us each with every fiber of her being. READ MORE >>

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